The  East  Anglian  Whippet  Club

Show Results

Champ Show July 2012

DOG CLASSES  Judge:Jan Wood


MPD (15, 2abs)

1st Wheelspin Lively Band BPD

2nd Supeta's Breaking Dawn Over Selinko

3rd Ruby Royal Reflection at Yantabella

Res Nattah Knight Gawaine with Sandspring

VHC Wheelspin Banjo


PD (18, 2abs)

1st Maidenbower Make Believe

2nd Courthill Crimson Shadow

3rd Demerlay Stupid Cupid

Res Bruntsfield Rock Pipit

VHC Loroli Casting at the Sun at Steveila


JD (13, 2abs)

1st Elmanash Majors Gold

2nd Mossbawnhill Whatta Myth

3rd Glantam Shooting Star

Res Benzfreya Major Drummer

VHC Huntinghill Jazzmaster for Aamurusko


YD (10, 1abs)

1st Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair JW

2nd Demerlay River Rapids at Brockfield

3rd Chapleigh Asellus Borealis

Res Bosmere Blueberry Ripple at Limasfault JW

VHC Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah


ND (11, 4abs)

1st Ruby Royal Reflection at Yantabella

2nd Dejorhea He's the One at Nattah

3rd Demerlay That'll Be The Day

Res Freehamlet Perfick Priam

VHC Nightshade Sapphire for Chosovi


GD (9, 1abs)

1st Huntinghill Jazztastic

2nd Barmoll Billy Elliott

3rd Demerlay Stupid Cupid

Res Mikadene Night Runner

VHC Bruntsfield Rock Pipit


PGD (17, 1abs)

1st Meandi Sunny Boy

2nd Khandibah Kes at Fridays

3rd Maidenbower Moderator

Res Collooney Stay With Me at Starswift

VHC Nimrodel Cognac


MLD (18, 3abs)

1st Demerlay Vanilla Sky over Gwendariff JW

2nd Courthill Catcher in the Rye

3rd Palmik Celtic Royale JW

Res Collooney Look No Further than Crosscop

VHC Collooney Tricky Dicky JW ShCM


LD (21, 4abs)

1st Demerlay Regal Renown at Brockfield JW

2nd Mollytop Stormy Weather

3rd Citycroft Never Forget

Res Kordaline Just William

VHC Chelridge Casanova JW


OD (20, 4abs)

1st Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper CC and BIS

2nd Shalfleet Simply a Lord

3rd Turn of Gold at Yantabella JW ShCM

Res Swe/Dan Ch Adagio Crowdstopper

VHC Supeta's Razzalicious JW


Vet 7-10 (10,1abs)

1st Ch Elmanash Major General RCC and BVIS

2nd Ch Railfield Raindust

3rd Ch Juneric Midnight Mischief

Res Silkdance Red Admiral

VHC Barmoll Barrister ShCM


Vet 10+ (4)

1st Jarmane Toot the Flute for Shuleah

2nd Shoalingham Senator

3rd Chatwig Chances Are

Res Watcar Snow Storm


R/C (10)

1st Jarmane Toot the Flute for Shuleah

2nd Sufeina Sea Biscuit

3rd Elmanash Majestic Gold among Silkdance

Res Deljorhea He's the One at Nattah


BITCH CLASSES  Judge: Mary Lowe


MPB: 17,4a

1st Supeta's Eclipse BPB Best Puppy In Show

2nd Shirotae Gin Sing

3rd Shalfleet Sugar Frosting

Res Sufeina Star of Angels

VHC Oakbark my miracle


PB 22,1a

1st Surrio Sweet September for Likiria

2nd Peperone Passion PLay

3rd Welstar Heaven Sent

Res Tango Time of Bruntsfield

VHC Wheelspin Breakaway


JB 15, 1a

1st Colooney Ravishing Rita of Mulranny

2nd Mikadene Misty Memoery of Demerlay

3rd Glantam Shining Star

Res Huntinghill Jazzmatazz

VHC Vandania's simply esme


YB 20, 2a

1st Collooney Racey Lacey

2nd Barmoll Baroness

3rd Stormburst Wild Honey JW

Res Jasarat Savannah Skye at Tollymore JW

VHC Whisterfield Wild Rosemary


NB 17, 5a

1st Peperone Passion Play

2nd Windfly over the rainbow

3rd Penbriar Dolce

Res Crosscop Count on me

VHC Tango Time of Bruntsfield


GB 16, 6a

1st Turnstone Tiger Lily

2nd Shimeree black wincyette

3rd Selinko Kiras Girl

Res Sheol Golden Lady SHCM

VHC Jayglo Jenny Wren


PGB 27, 4a

1st Aphrael Casting Pearl

2nd Penbriar Lyrical at Barmoll

3rd Thesperia Arete

Res Demerlay Armabay Billie jean

VHC Moonlake Mazda


MLB 19, 6a

1st Yialousa Scarlet Ribben RCC

2nd Railfield Rainhat

3rd Millwold Mulling it overJW

Res Sufeina Hedge About

VHC Demerlay First Love JW


LB 35, 12a

1st Danluke Dance of Love SHCM CC and Reserve Best In Show

2nd Rearsbylea Midnight Rose

3rd Supeta's Dazzalicious JW

Res Courthill Carmen Cleeve at Ranvelli

VHC Barmoll Broken Dreams


OB 18, 3a

1st Ch Palmik Starlight Suprise

2nd Mossbawnhill U bet I am

3rd Collooney youre in my heart

Res Peprone Pot of Gold

VHC Ch Railfield Rainflower


VB 7-9 years 12, 1a

1st Bruntsfield Raonapoll Best Veteran Bitch

2nd Ch Hammonds mary rose over millwold

3rd Mulcair mon amie

Res My black lass

VHC Tomarkus Little mo at sejoda


VB 10+ years 7, 0a

1st Shoalingham Socialite

2nd Courthill cinnamon queen at mulcair

3rd Supetas Loverlee

Res Shaolingham simplicity

VHC Knoxhill Little Boomey


R/ CB 14, 6a

1st Talaria Bianca of Bruntsfield Best Racing/ Coursing in show

2nd Whisterfield Wild Rosemary JW

3rd Windfly Gold Dust SHCM

Res Windfly over the rainbow

VHC Ringmore fair rosamund