The  East  Anglian  Whippet  Club

Ch Show Results 2017

MPD (12 Entries) Abs:

1st: Shardbeck Jet Set BPD BPIS

2nd: Elmanash Express

3rd: Supeta,s Secret Weapon

Res: Edenwhip Quantum of Solace


PD (6 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Railfield Rainmaker

2nd: Enolacams Antonio Banderos at Chipperlake Imp  

3rd: Mythic Balder des planes des Bryeres avec Raneli Imp

Res:Zoraden Surprise Edition

VHC: Zoraden Surprise Party

JD (8 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Tarward Jaguar RDCC

2nd: Collooney Move Over Darling

3rd: Palmik Whisper Again JW

Res: Kanatic Gold of Olympus Imp

VHC: Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Bruntsfield

YD (5 Entries) Abs:

1st: Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone JW

2nd:Demerlay Out of the Mist at Armabay

3rd: Jasarat Jetsetter of Zeglynn

Res: Shalfleet Sir William of Lelaps


ND (9 Entries) Abs:

1st: Tarward Jaguar

2nd: Demerlay Out of the Mist at Armabay

3rd: Railfield Rainmaster

Res: Ranveli Barley Twist

VHC:Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn

GD (7 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Tarward Jaguar

2nd: Kanati Gold of Olympus Imp

3rd:Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Bruntsfield

Res:Crosscop no Matter What


PGD (6 Entries) Abs:

1st: Shalfleet Simply Jeeves

2nd: Bryarose Theseus at Dewerstone

3rd: Rearsbylea Blue Jacket

Res: Rowangarth Wind of Change by Fletchgate

VHC:Azarin Dundun with Westmount Imp

MdLD (9 Entries) Abs:

1st: Elmanash Man o War

2nd: Railfield Rainkey for Sharmus JW

3rd: Craigavad Once in a Lifetime

Res: Whipplei Body of Proof at Lunaire

VHC: Danluke Disco Dancer at Gabledene

LD (7 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Madenbower Make Believe   DCC RBIS BOS

2nd: Moonlake My Way

3rd: Marvidara Best Man

Res:Veredon Vanilla Sunset

VHC: Kierpark Smooth Criminal at Runforest

OD (14 Entries) Abs:

1st: Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW

2nd:Stormalong Romantic Romeo

3rd: Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa JW

Res: Bosmere Blueberry Ripple at Limasfault JW ShCM

VHC: Ch Citycroft High Society

VD 7-9 years (9 Entries) Abs:

1st: Citycroft Never Forget BVD BVIS

2nd: Nimrodel Cognac

3rd: Ch Fletchgate Starwalker

Res: Ch Supeta's Razzalicious JW ShCM

VHC:Penbriar Corruleam Star

VD 10+ years (2 Entries) Abs:

1st: Chibuku Political Agenda at Sharmus

2nd Who's the Daddy


SR/LCD (4 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Dark Wing  BR/LCS

2nd: Craigavad Once in a Lifetime

3rd: Going for Gold for Shuleah



MPB ( Entries 14) Abs:  

1st: Dejare Dutch Dream BPB

2nd:Marleben Dream Mover

3rd: Collooney Eye for the Boys

Res: Palmik Misty Eve

VHC: Supeta's you got the Look

PB (13 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Crosscop Glittering Prize to Wrennalla

2nd: Zoraden Darkest Wings

3rd: Palmik Misty Eve

Res: Kaymark Kangaroo Kris

VHC: Marleben Dream Maker

JB (13 Entries) Abs:

1st: Collooney Swing Low at Stonefox RBCC

2nd: Edenwhip Lady of the Lakes

3rd: Citycroft Creme Caramel of Jasarat JW

Res: Jothryn Golden Glow

VHC: Cobyco Could be the Last at Mulcair

YB (6 Entries) Abs:

1st: Kierpark Who's That Girl

2nd: Lolani Light up the Room

3rd: Veredon Geeover Gawpin at Aphrael

Res: Barnesmore Neala over Westmount


NB (14 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Crosscop Glittering prize to Wrennalla

2nd: Creme Anglaise's La Colte Noir

3rd: Zoraden Darkest Wings

Res: Windfly One Perfect day

VHC: Knoxhill Lets Dance

GB (8 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Creme Anglaise's La Colte Noir

2nd: Jothryn Golden Glow

3rd: Veredon in Cahoots with Supeta

Res: Chelridge Lady Guinivere


PGB (5 Entries) Abs:

1st: Crosscop Wishing on a Star

2nd: Lolani Light up the Room

3rd: Jothryn Bjorne to Party with Bunehug

Res: Summertime Everlasting

VHC: Danluke Licketysplit

MdLB (8 Entries) Abs:

1st: Danluke Lady Foxtrot at Zenobia JW

2nd: Tango Time of Bruntsfield

3rd: Shimmeree Black Satin JW

Res: Dejare Daydream Beleiver

VHC: Knoxhill Shepherds Delight

LB (10 Entries) Abs:

1st: Marvidara Maid of Honour BCC BIS

2nd: Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat

3rd: Aphrael Madame Cholet

Res: Blandings Treacle Tart ShCM

VHC: Danluke Dance Diva of Lolani

OB (10 Entries) Abs:

1st: Crooscop Brown Eyed Girl

2nd: Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love

3rd: Adagio Behind Sunglasses at Ranveli

Res: NL CH Creme Anglaise's Hello Look at Me

VHC: Jothryn Bjorne Again JW

VB 7-9 years (7 Entries) Abs:  

1st: Ch Supeta's Dazzalicious

2nd: Linalkin Meadow Lark

3rd: Fletchgate Tiger Lily

Res: Knoxhill Eclipse


VB 10+ years (2 Entries) Abs:

1st: Shirotae Silken Lady BVB

2nd: Kaymark Kiss aand Tell




SR/LCB (7 Entries) Abs:

1st: Dutch Ch Creme Anglaise Sacre Couer IMp

2nd: Diamond Web

3rd: Windfly One Perfect Day

4th: Knoxhill's Shepherds Delight

5th: Tango Time of Bruntsfield

East Anglian Whippet Club championship show - 9th July 2017

Judges: Mrs Kathy Thomas ( Faracre) DOGS,  Mrs Rachel Wray ( Perrault) BITCHES Referee: Mr D Allen

BCC & BIS: Marvidara Maid of Honour ( Whyte)

DCC, RBIS BOSIS : Maidenbower Make Believe (Candler)

RDCC Tarward Jaguar  ( Ellam & Robinson )

RBCC: Collooney Swing Low at Stonefox ( Fryer)

BPB  Dejare Dutch Dream ( Reed)

BPD & BPIS : Shardbeck Jet Set ( Clewes & Cleaver)

BVD & BVIS Citycroft Never Forget ( Whitehead, Smith & Mixides)

BVB Ch Supeta's Dazzalicious ( Mycroft)

BR/LC Dark Wing ( Webber)

EAWC Champ 2017 BIS  (800x362) EAWC Champ 2017 Dog line up EAWC Champ 2017 bitch line up