The  East  Anglian  Whippet  Club



                                                                                                                         EAWC Club Rules




A Zero Tolerance approach


No-one should be subject to intimidation or made to feel alarmed or distressed or put in fear of reprisal.


Harassment is a criminal offence.


To that end the East Anglian Whippet Club adopts  zero tolerance towards all type of harassment activity,

either in person at our events or directed at committee members on social media.


Harassment may be defined as causing alarm, distress, anxiety or fear of physical violence or other threat,

offensive statements, verbal abuse and threats.


East Anglian Whippet Club running Kennel Club Licensed Events expects courtesy and co-operation to be shown              towards all committee members at any Kennel Club licensed event.


Whilst the pressures and tensions which arise at competitive level are understood, any aggression or abuse towards

those who are simply undertaking their job for the benefit and interest of the breed cannot be tolerated.