The  East  Anglian  Whippet  Club

Show Results

Open Show March 2012

DOG CLASSES  Judge: Clare Boggia


MPD (6)

1.      Crispian Star Turn

2.      Layways Royal Mosaic Of Nevedith

3.      Layways Diamond Royal

Rs    Crispian Celtic Legend Of Hazeacre

Vhc   MaidenbowerMke Believe


PD  (3)

1.    Jenaul Nuthatch At Tameron

2.    Elmanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance                

3.     Benzfreya Major Drummer


JD  (6)

1.    Wayhead CelliniFor Chosovi

2.    Elmanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance

3.    Willingwisp Rock Master

Rs  Phoenixrise Dionysus At Dejare

Vhc Tanzanite Temptation At Selinko


YD (5)

1.    Runaround High Hopes At Beksam

2.    Colloney Stay With Me At Starswift

3.    Nightshade Sapphire For Chosovi

Rs  Faracre Flautist

Vhc Aphrael Captain Beefheart


MD  (3)

1   Westveiw Keeper Of The Light At Dekris

2   Runaround High Hopes At Beksam

3.  Phoenixrise Dionysus At Dejare


ND  (4)

1.   Wayhead CelliniFor Chosovi

2.   Elmanash Majestic Gold Among Silkdance

3.   Faracre Flautist

Rs Tanzanite Temptation At Selinko


PGD (8)

1.   Infamous Cornelius Of Ringmore (IMP FIN)

2.   Millwold Make A Move To Boarley

3.   Nevedith PFA Peppa With Jenaul

Rs Khandibah Kharizma

Vhc Khandibah Kes At Fridays


LD  (8, 4abs)

1.   Chelridge Casanova JW

2.   Monelli Mississipi

3.   Sejonda Walking In Memphis

Rs Crispian Crazy Diamond Of Hazeacre


OD   (8, 1abs)

1.    Welstar With Strauss

2.    Supetas Razzalicious JW

3.    Shalfleet Simply A Lord

Rs  Turn Of Gold At Yantabella JW   ShCM

Vhc Faracre Firebird


SRC  (7, 3abs)

1.   Whisterfield Jack Be Nimble Among Silkdance JW

2.   Monelli Mississipi

3.   Ringmore Danny Deever  

Rs Wrennala Just A Bit More


SB  (2, 1 abs)

1.   Tanzanite Temptation At Selinko



1.   Silkdance Red Admiral Beg Ex

2.   Spiders N Spoons

3.   Dejare Cobweb

Rs Faracre Firebird

Vhc Barmoll Barrister ShCM


Best Dog   Welstar With Strauss

Reserve Best Dog Supetas Razzalicious JW

Best Puppy Dog Jenaul Nuthatch At Tameron



BITCH CLASSES  Judge: Nick Gourley


MPB  (7)

1.    Welstar Heaven Sent

2.    Layways Wander

3.    Layways Blue Vain At Challowmoon

Rs  Yazminca Marnies Legacy To Khandibah

Vhc Crispian Let Me Be The One


PB  (7, 1abs)

1.    Jenaul Nutella Of Nevedith

2.    Belles Beauty Of Shemist

3.    Maidenbower My Secret

Rs  Starswift Sunbeam

Vhc Shalfleet Silk Ribbons


JB  (9)

1.     Stormburst Wild Honey

2.     Nevedith Teafa Tipple

3.     Starswift Sweet Lily

Rs   Cedarridge Far Ahead

Vhc  Windfly Fairy Dust


YB  (10, 3,abs)

1.   Stormburst Wild Fern

2.   Yialosa Sparkling Edition

3.   Selinko Diamond Dancer

Rs Shimmeree Blue Denim

Vhc Aphrael Casting Pearl


MB  ( 3)

1.   Selinko Diamond Dancer

2.   Tarensay Lavish Gift

3.   Yazminca Marnies Legacy To Khandibah


NB  (3, 1abs)

1.    Demerlay First Leaf At Beksam

2.    Dejare Ma Petite Madame


PGB  ( 17, 8abs)

1.   Shimmeree Black Winceyette

2.   Bluestreak Blonde Ambition

3.   Whistlejacket Holly

Rs Ringmore Fair Rosamund

Vhc Hoycots Misty Dawn At Lelaps


LB  (14, 5abs)

1.   Layways Kismiss At Tameron

2.   Supetas Dazzalicious JW

3.   Jenual Jezabel

Rs  Chaseover Scaramouche

Vhc Fridays Katelyn


OB  (10, 6abs)

1.    Yialousa Scarlet Ribben

2.    Jenual Elderflower

3.    Khandibah Kara

Rs  Ringmore Cut Glass


SRC  (8)

1.    Windfly Gold Dust ShCM

2.    Whisterfield Wild Rosemary

3.    Ringmore Fair Rosamund

Rs  Selinko Blue Opal At Lelaps

Vhc Windfly Over The Rainbow


SB  (1)

1.    Silver Pearl


VB  (7, 3abs)

1.    Supetas Loverlee

2.    Khandibah Shamyaanha ShCM

3.    Welstar  As You Like It At Monelli

Rs  Ringmores Echos Reply