The  East  Anglian  Whippet  Club



East Anglian Pedigree Whippet Racing Club meet at the George Lampton Playing Fields, Fordham Road, Newmarket.


As a club people are welcome to come along and see just what whippet racing is all about .


Unlike Greyhound Racing as no betting is allowed.


The dogs just run for fun which they really love and it is so nice to see your dogs do just what they do best.


You will meet like minded people who will be friendly and able to help you to school your dogs in running after the lure.


 Whippets are not allowed to start training until they are 8 months but can learn at any age and are not allowed to run with other dogs until safe to do so.


 If you only want your dog to run alone that’s no problem or they can take part in full racing once they are cleared to race.

Whippet Racing







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